LightMesh CLI for Linux


The installation guide for Tidal LightMesh CLI on Linux. Start a trial today.

Supported distros

Currently LightMesh CLI Linux supports Ubuntu and Debian. If you use a different distro don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with an NPM install. Please see the NPM install guide if you are running a currently unsupported distro.

Install LightMesh CLI for Linux

  • For 64-bit os run the following command:

wget -c

  • For 32-bit os run this command: wget -c
  • To install the package run the following command using the correct package version name: sudo dpkg -i lightmesh-ubuntu-debian-64-latest

Configure API Token

  • To confirm that LightMesh CLI has been installed, and to verify the path open terminal and run which lightmesh. This will show the install path selected in the previous step
  • LightMesh CLI requires an API token. This token can be generated at
  • To create a new API key go to the above URL, click generate API key
  • Once a key has been created click show API key button and copy the key to the clipboard
  • Export this key in your terminal section by running the following command: `export LIGHTMESH_API_TOKEN={key copied to clipboard}'
  • To verify installation and token are set correctly type lightmesh into the terminal. The LightMesh CLI version should be shown, along with usage, topic, and command details.